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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

This will be my first post that will (fingers crossed!!) post real time over to my new business page on Facebook.

Happy holidays!! I hope everyone has been enjoying a wonderful holiday season!! This year my friends and family recieved gifts made by myself. I will attach some pictures to this post and all my readers on Facebook can comment what they think. How fun!!

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I would tell the story behind the gallery photos. Community is important to me. Not just my community here in east Bend, OR, but also in my community of peers. This fall I was able to accept a job "budtending". That is the term for people who serve customers in a cannabis dispensary just like a bartender would serve patrons in a bar. While working in this industry of customer service, I started noticing more about my local community. During this pandemic, there are faces that have worked the entire time, sometimes with a smile that I was a little shocked was there. Some of the public has become accustomed to disrespecting people who come to work to do a job that we depend on. Employees of our local gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, and the local cannabis dispensary. I saw the same smiling faces throughout the whole pandemic. Sometimes reassuring me that this crazy world we are living in, won't always be so crazy. As a thank you to these faces, I delivered free swag with fun support of their business and place of employment. I hope they enjoy these tokens of thank you! I am positive others in our community feel the same as I do.

An update on merchandise and inventory on this website...I have uploaded many of the products I offer. Inventory on the site is still acting up so if you are having a difficulty ordering, please reach out!!

Thank you for supporting my #collegefund. -Nikki

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