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Smoke This is restocked!

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Just in time for the cold coming our way this weekend, Lisa has restocked her inventory at Smoke This. This order consisted of the color combinations Watermelon Grape, Tide Pool, Thunderstorm (in blue), and a solo Summer Garden. Head over to East Bend...Smoke This is located off Bellevue Ave across from Subway and SELCO. These have been hot items!

I want to thank our community for supporting small businesses here in Bend, OR. I have had so many locals meet me while I am Dashing in my full tie dye suit (FOR Real...I run around in full tie dye!!), and have headed over and purchased that same day. That kind of love is what makes Bend, BEND! I humbly thank you for supporting my journey. ❤️

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