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Midterms and hoodies..oh my!!

How are we in February? What happened to January? I am positive that some are with me on this one. School is already to midterms and my brain is complete mush by the end of the day. Wish me luck this week! I have a computer and business law midterm due by Sunday....

As our weather here in Bend, OR changes back to winter weather, I hear stories of people shooting off on fun, after-the-holidays trips. They are usually headed to a warmer climate (lucky!) to unwind. And a lot of "besties" seem to be heading out together!

This was my first set of bestie hoodies. It was so fun to help create a moment from a trip that will be forever etched into these friend's minds.

This hits on one reason I chose to start a business geared towards custom hoodies. We ALL have a hoodie somewhere that we LOVE! Maybe we bought it at our first concert or our first trip as adults without our parents. These are special memories that I want to help each customer create a memento that makes their heart happy each time they wear it.

Before I get busy with more schoolwork, I want to offer something to each person that took a minute to read this post.... For any order placed in February, you can use the code MIDTERMS15 for 15% off your purchase!! Thank you for your interest!

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