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Don't Forget Your Green 2022

Oh how I love giveaways! Who doesn't? This year for St. Patrick's Day, I gifted 5 local businesses with t-shirts to prevent pinching and supply hardworking, service positions with a small thank you. I went two ways with this...supplying something green OR a cannabis shirt encouraging everyone not to forget "that" green either!

I focused on businesses that I had previously supplied part of their staff with shirts prior and wanted to make sure the whole staff got one this time or a business that had made me smile during the pandemic.

The staff at Spud Muffins on the east side are always quick with a smile and make everyone feel right at home. Previously I had only given one shirt away at this location and this time around, I was able to get the entire staff. It was a wonderful surprise to get these pictures of their "pinch resistant" shirts. Thank you guys!!!

As always with my giveaways, I like to also choose a dispensary to support our local bud tenders. This time around, I covered the St. Patty's Day shift of The Herb Center with 3 different designs to provide some selection. Remember that positions like bud tenders and bartenders survive off of tip based wages and work very hard for them! Some days are great, some not so much. I definitely enjoy surprising them with some industry love and seeing everyones smiles when sporting my gear. The Herb Center has to be the largest dispensary in Bend, supporting about 11 staff members per shift.

If you ever have questions on THC or CBD use, the staff at THC is THE BEST!! My questions have never gone unanswered at this place and I appreciate it so much!!

Once again, aiming at the cannabis industry, I surprised the staff at Hempie's with 4 different cannabis designs in alternating colors as a reminder to...Not Forget Your Green!! This was as much of a thank you as it was marketing for #collegefund. The staff here are not tip based but work in the ever difficult service industry and have throughout the whole pandemic. I have came into this place asking too many questions (my opinion, not theirs) regarding HOW DO I DO THIS?? in regards to cannabis. The faces at Hempie's (located near Spud's and Timber's East, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Drive) are always smiling and ready to help you with all your cannabis equipment and CBD needs. Thank you guys too much!!

Another business I did not forget (I try to bring them some shirts every time) was Shell/ Growler Guys on the East side. I have seen this whole staff handle their fair share of crazy. They also probably see me in my sweats and pjs more often than I would like to admit. As always, THANK YOU so much!!!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday!! ~Nikki

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