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Don't Forget...I Can Do ANYTHING!

The best part of my business (in my opinion), is that I get to be creative. I have customers contact me with just a text, simply saying something they need. A returning customer recently did this and was very specific..."Hi! I was hoping to get two Peace sign shirts for a 70s themed birthday party. One gold sign and one tie dye sign" was the general gist of what the message said. I was on it!! Within 4 days, I had created and delivered the adorable kids swag you see below. I even added some little hearts so there was a little love with their peace.

Late last summer, I was approached by a member of Mountain View High School's Booster Club to see if I would make the 21-22 football season's hoodies. I was reluctant because it was such a big job right out of the gate starting my business. I am glad I accepted because the hoodies turned out dynamite. Check 'em out!

Pictured below are some fun shirts I made for my friend's "Girls" (what he calls his beautiful girlfriend and daughter) He is always bringing freebies home from work. When I did a recent drop (referring to promotional drop in March), I made sure he got something for them. So fun!!!

So if you have an idea rolling around in your head, get ahold of me! I can text and message through the website. If you call and I don't pick up, I will call back within 24 hours usually.

Thank you for checking this blog post out!

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