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Let It Snow!!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Phew!! What a couple of weeks! After go live, I had a final test and paper due in my Business 250 course. I used this business entirely as my project. My final grades were...92% on the test and 100% on my paper!! Yippee! My main goal right now is obtaining my degree. I created this business to support me and my family while achieving my dreams. School is always #1 with my family but this business is a close second!!

I have started adding the different designs of product I offer. As I design more images, I will add them to the library so that more can be offered. Please reach out by phone, text, or email to the number and email provided on the Contact Us page if you have something you would like right now. I will do my best to accommodate all requested orders as I build my site.

I have also been driving around delivering shirts and hoodies to local businesses in the Bend area to show appreciation to some of the friendly faces I have seen throughout the pandemic. That story is coming soon!!

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