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Continuous Inventory at Smoke This!!

I have some fantastic news!! Smoke This, located in the Bellevue Shopping Center, will be carrying a continuous selection of hoodies and t-shirts from #collegefund ALL THE TIME!! Current selections include Bend hoodies and tees as well as tees with the Smoke This logo! So fun! We are working together to bring in more wine, beer and cannabis prints on a broader inventory to include snap back trucker hats and tanks this summer.

Lisa, Jared, and Janie have been wonderful cheerleaders and one of my first bulk supporters when I started this little business. They have helped me form more of a direction with my commercial accounts, now aiming at the adult market with liquor and cannabis images. That isn't all I can do!! But this is where I will be pounding the pavement to in the near future.

Don't forget to stop by and check out Smoke This!! They have so many different items other than liquor and smokes. Even better...they are always reasonably priced (usually cheaper) than most convenience or smoke stores in the area. Smoke This is located across the parking lot from Subway and Selco in the Bellevue Shopping Center. More inventory coming soon!!

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